Wholesale 3D Printing Filament Opportunities

Print Innovaders also offers our very own exclusive, superior brand of Print Innovaders filament. Our filament is extremely comparable to our competitors. We offer a variety of durable, high quality filament options at an unbeatable price.

3d printer printing filament

Contact us for wholesale pricing quotes, purchasing, and wholesale supply management.

Good News!

You can purchase bulk wholesale 3d printing filament. We offer the laster materials; PLA filament, ABS filament,HIPS filament,PVA filament, Wood filament, Conductive filament, Flexible filament, PETG filament, Glow in the Dark filament, Thermosensitive (Color chaning) filament, etc…wholesale-3d-printing-filament

  • 1.75 mm, 2.85mm and 3.00 mm diameter 3D printer filament.
  • 200g and 1kg spools available
  • Compatible with most 3d printers.
  • Various colors ( Contact For Custom Colors)

Our Filament is Compatible with all the major printers:

– Makerbot
– RepRap
– Huxley UP
– Thing-o-matic
– Ultimaker
– PrintrBot
– Solidoodle
– ProtoLab 3D
– LulzBot
– Leapfrog
– Etc…